Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance Junior School Private Vocal Lessons offer students the opportunity to challenge themselves personally and artistically in a supportive and exciting environment. Vocal students are offered the chance to perform on a regular basis, teaching them the vital performance skills for building confidence and personal development.

All students who receive private vocal lessons are not only given the opportunity to explore a wide range of repertoire, but are also taught the correct technique for all styles. They will learn performance technique, microphone technique, audition preparation and have the opportunity to use the skills they have gained to perform at many events throughout the year.

Our vocal coaches offer a wealth of knowledge and professional experience, whose involvement within the industry assists their students with development, growth and staying up to date with all the necessary requirements of the industry.

Private vocal lessons are taught to all students aged 9 and above. Students do not need to have previous experience to participate in vocal/singing lessons.



Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance Junior School Private Dance Lessons are an excellent platform to develop technique and confidence, in addition to group classes or on their own. Providing students with undivided one-on-one attention from their teachers, our dancers are able to better their skills at a much quicker rate. Students will set personal goals with their teachers, so they can get the very best out of their lessons. 

Beginner students thrive in this environment as it allows them to work on their individual needs, or cover content they may be struggling with in group classes. Likewise, advanced students benefit hugely from private lessons in order to refine their skills. 

Any genre that is taught within our junior school group classes are able to be taught in our private lessons. Our fabulous faculty of choreographers are also available to assist dancers who wish to enter competitions for solos, duos and trios. 

Private dance lessons can be arranged for students of any age and no prior experience is needed!