Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance Full Time Course offers an International Full Time Course for aspiring students that are not permanent residents or citizens of Australia or New Zealand.

Following an online or DVD audition process and interview, international students are accepted on a three/four month basis (pending on individual Visa restrictions) to participate in the Full Time Course. Here the student will be immersed into a discovery of a variety of dance genre's and cultural experiences.

Students will partake in the full amount of classes and productions delivered in the Full Time Course for the duration of their visit. Please refer to our Calendar & Performances page for more details on this.




Step 1 - Create an online audition video:
To audition for our International Full Time Course - we require x 1 video audition of up to 1 minute in length of your chosen style.
(Please ensure that we can view your technical standard from the video). All video submissions will be uploaded with your form (Step 2).

Step 2 - Apply online:
To ensure that we have all of your correct information, please apply online here:

Step 3 - Receive Outcome / Visa commencement:
You will receive the outcome of your audition submission from the Full Time Course department via email. In the instance of a successful application you will additionally receive instructions regarding your visa type and date of commencement/conclusion information within this email.

*Length of stay is dependent on Visa applicable. Due to our studio being non-CRICOS approved, all international students will need to apply for either a VISITOR or WORKING HOLIDAY Visa in order to study at Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance upon a successful entry into the course.

Have a question about our International Full Time Course? Contact our Full Time Course Administration team here:

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