Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance Junior School is proud to offer inspiring, engaging and fun filled dance classes for all levels of students (aged two to seventeen years of age) with a love of dance, acting and singing.    

We offer weekly group beginner dance classes through to advanced dance classes as well as private one on one tuition in a range of different genres including
Hip Hop, Contemporary, Commercial, Ballet (Cecchetti), Lyrical, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Acro and more.

Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance Junior School additionally run specialised classes to assist our students in
gaining performance opportunities and to develop and nurture their talent, these include The Evolution Program & Competition Group. 

We have an exceptionally talented team of specialised, passionate and talented dance teachers
who work to bring out the best in your children and offer them a world of dance education.

GENRES offered:


Ballet is a technical and strict dance style. It is excellent for improving agility, coordination, flexibility, grace and strength and posture. These exercises consist of repetitive moves in a variety of set positions. What to wear? Fitting clothing such as a leotard and tights, or a leotard, stockings and a ballet skirt with ballet shoes. Cecchetti graded classes are required to wear the specific colours allocated to that grade. Please email education@theministryofdance.com.au for more information. 

Commercial dance refers to dancing done in concerts, live shows, music videos and movies. Think Beyonce, Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber, and their energetic live performances. There are many different styles of dance that can be worked into the commercial category, such as hip hop, jazz, locking, popping, breakdancing, krumping, and more. You can bet there'll be plenty of sass and hair whipping! What to wear? Absolutely anything! You can opt for loose fitting clothing for a more Hip Hop vibe or tight fitting clothing for a jazzier vibe. Supportive footwear such as sneakers preferable.

No dance or song is truly complete without the ability to act out your emotions, story and passion. Learn to capture your audience, read scripts and express emotions in our Private or Group acting classes and casting classes. All levels of experience for students aged 6 and up are welcome.
Includes; Monologues, Audition Technique, Performance Technique, Capturing and holding an audience, Script reading, Creating a character, Confidence Building, Acting for Stage & TV, Public Speaking, Confidence Building, Acting for Stage & TV, Fundamentals of Auditions, Deportment, Improvisation, Performance Technique, Self Awareness, Public Speaking, Cold reads of scripts, Stage awareness & Projection & pronunciation

Tap is a style of dance distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor. Differing styles such as Musical Theatre, Street and Waltz Tap will be explored.  What to wear? Comfortable dancewear such as dance pants and a comfortable top, with tap shoes.


Jazz is a combination of dance styles that come from the musical theatre arts. Jazz is often used in musical theatre, commercials and music video clips. Jazz takes technique from Classical Ballet, and uses isolation and strength to emphasize the movement. What to wear? Fitted dancewear such as dance pants and a fitted top or leotard with dance sneakers or Jazz shoes.


Acrobatics helps you acquire agility, balance and motor coordination by incorporating flips, jumps and rolls. Learn new moves to add to your repertoire of performing arts skills. What to wear? Comfortable tight clothing that you can easily move in and comfortable supportive footwear such as sneakers.

Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. Many characters and emotions are explored in this genre, and is a perfect choice for both beginners who love to sing and dance, as well as those aspiring to be a professional performer.  You will learn musical theatre techniques as well as choreography from your favourite Broadway musicals such as Wicked, Cats, Aladdin and so much more! What to wear? The same dancewear as you would wear for a jazz class, with the option of wearing Chorus Heels for senior students.

Our new Evolution program covers all genres of dance including; jazz, tap, contemporary, musical theatre, hip hop, commercial and ballet! 
The Evolution Program is aimed at students who are looking for elite training with some of the industry's best teachers, lead by the incredible Adrian Ricks.
The Evolution Program is by audition only and open to all dancers aged 8 & above!


Contemporary is an artistic and expressive combination of ballet techniques, floor work, agility and free ranging movement. What to wear? Fitted dancewear such as a leotard or a fitted top and tights with barefeet or ballet shoes.

Hip Hop choreography makes use many components and techniques of dance found in Urban Dance. These include Popping, Locking and Breaking, Isolation exercises, teaching dancers how to move different parts of their body separately. What to wear? Comfortable loose clothing that you can easily move in and comfortable supportive footwear such as sneakers.

Vocal lessons at the Ministry of Dance are taught to all students ages 9 years and above in both private vocal lessons and group singing classes.
Students do not need to have previous experience to participate in vocal/singing lessons.
All students who take part in vocal lessons are not only given the opportunity to explore a wide range of repertoire but are also taught the correct technique for all styles. They will also learn performance technique, microphone technique, audition preparation and have the opportunity to use the skills they have gained to perform at many events throughout the year. The Vocal Teachers at the Vocal School have a wealth of knowledge and professional experience that is passed onto the students. Their involvement within the industry assists them with development, growth and staying up to date with all the necessary requirements of the industry.



We offer weekly group beginner dance classes through to advanced dance classes as well as private one on one tuition in a range of different genres including: Jazz, Commercial Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre, Acting and Vocal as well as Pointe & Cecchetti Ballet classes.  Anybody is welcome to join in our Dance classes – no past dance experience is necessary as our dance teachers will always cater for a range of levels and abilities within the one dance class.

We offer private one on one tuition for those looking for a little more concentrated approach in a range of different genres. Private tuition is wonderful for developing extra skills and furthering talents already developed in class. It is one-on-one focus which ensures the student is getting all the information and knowledge required.

The Evolution Program is our Elite development training program which covers all genres with boutique class size and the best teachers the industry has on offer!

The Cecchetti principle of grace, balance and line form the basis of a sound training syllabus that has been developed to meet the needs of today's modern child - teaching co-ordination, poise, confidence, rhythmical sense and musicality while ensuring that the process is still fun!



Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance Junior School classes are categorized from your age as of the 1st February in the current year of enrollment. (For example if you are 12 years old on the 1st of February you would enroll in the 12 & Under age group.)
Our age categories are as follows:

  • Tiny Tots (2 yrs to and including 4 yrs old)

  • 6 & Under (5 yrs to and including 6 yrs old)

  • 9 & Under (7 yrs to and including 9 yrs old)

  • 12 & Under (10 yrs to and including 12 yrs old)

  • 15 & Under (13 yrs to and including 15 yrs old)

  • Senior (16 yrs to and including 18 yrs old)
    (for all 18+yrs dance classes please refer to our Open Timetable or our Full Time Course)


At Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance, Scholarships are awarded to those students who show potential, passion, dedication and a love for dance. For more information please contact education@theministryofdance.com.au for more information. 

Various scholarships are available to students attending classes at Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship please make an application in writing to the Ministry stating why you should be considered. Dance school scholarships are awarded at the end of each calendar year for commencement at the start of the next. For more information please contact education@theministryofdance.com.au

Festival scholarships are awarded at the conclusion of each week of our Festivals for use toward the following year's Festivals. For more information please contact education@theministryofdance.com.au.


The Internship Program is a program in which Jason hand selects promising dancers from all over the country to come and train at The Ministry of Dance. ...Could you be next?



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